Transform a Painful Relationship into a Powerful Partnership


Close-up of dark figures of man and woman having struggleAlthough every class varies as students sign up and express their specific goals, the following is an overview of the benefits you’ll gain from your teleclasses.

  • Gain freedom by truly understanding your special needs. Essential relationship needs and requirements are somewhat unique for all of us. Until you identify and accept your unique needs, many of your needs will not be met.
  • Know who can best meet your needs and who cannot. Explore and practice effective ways to get your needs met.
  • Discover the hidden causes of anger in relationships. Learn how to peacefully resolve issues that will otherwise fester until the angry person verbally explodes and hurts other people emotionally or even physically.
  • Explore the three magic keys for creating relationships that grow as you change.
  • Work through the true core of control issues in your relationships, whether control is used by an openly manipulative person or an undercover artist.
  • Move beyond your fears of being 100% Your Authentic Self. Only then will you receive the personal and professional support, respect and love you want and deserve.
  • Make peace with “the people pleaser” and “approval addict” parts of your personality. This will escalate your self-respect and you’ll gain respect and admiration from other people.
  • Discover powerful new self-awareness tools that will help you determine the specific types of personal and professional boundaries that will work best for you. Practice these new tools with clarity and confidence. This will ensure that you’re immune to unnecessary stress.
  • Know how to prevent your inner critic from sabotaging your relationship confidence, success and happiness.
  • Enjoy healthy new assertiveness skills that ensure win-win interactions.
  • Practice easy new communication tools guaranteed to build mutual trust and respect. If you’re concerned about a personal relationship, you’ll also practice new communication tools that promote healthy intimacy with your partner.

I’m ready to start transforming
my relationships now!


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