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“Doris’ work changed my life. She is brilliant at helping you gain such an amazing relationship with yourself that other people mirror your self-love back at you. Doris’ work helps us drop the struggle in relationships and enjoy the collaboration we all need and want. Take advantage of this special teleclass series.”
Jordan Whitmire, IT Consultant, Seattle, Washington

“Thanks to Doris, I finally attracted the perfect relationship for me. How sweet it is!”
Patricia Campbell, Denver, Colorado

“With Doris’ help, I created every supportive professional relationship I needed. The “Transform a Painful Relationship into a Powerful Partnership” teleclass tools are so powerful that I deleted bullying, backbiting, rumors, lack of respect and oppressive micromanagement. By working with Doris, I created my dream job. Now, I love myself so much that my personal relationships also became fun. I’m sure you can do this, too, if you use Doris’ tools!”
Betty Lacker, Johnson & Johnson, Inc.

“I was lugging old relationship pain into a new relationship. This was killing any chance for happiness. I took Dr. Doris’ teleclass, “Transform a Painful Relationship Into a Powerful Partnership.” ALL of my work and personal relationships improved. Check it out!”
Evelyn Jacobson, Media Relations Specialist, Toronto, Canada

“Doris, I was amazed at what happened during sessions. You were so totally focused on helping me reach my goals. You helped me discover my inner strengths . . . strengths I didn’t even know I had. I love truly expressing myself and being 100% me. I’m moving forward now, and supported by others! Thanks for your help!”
Edna Johnson, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

“You’ll be SO glad you love yourself enough to get relationship coaching by Doris. It’s a wonderful step toward more happiness and the loving relationship you want. We thank Dr. Doris every day for how she helped us move beyond conflict and fear into a deep everlasting love.”
Stan and Mary Ellen Williamson, Chicago, Illinois

“Doris’ work is totally different! It works because you own your power to create the life you really want! I use Doris’ relationship tools every day in all my relationships, both personal and at work. Now, stress is minimal and my health improved. I present myself so differently to the world now that people at all levels treat me with respect . . . even my kids. I’ve tried many programs in the past. Working with Doris was THE smart investment in myself.”
Kenneth Baker, Regional Manager, Cost Cutter, Inc.

“Doris’ teleclasses and relationship coaching are amaaaa-zing! Now I understand the power and control issues that have kept me from happy relationships. I am now surrounding myself with love and positive support.”
Kelly Porter, Costco, Seattle

“I highly recommend Dr. Doris’ teleclasses and coaching. Before Doris helped me, I was in so much pain that I felt burned-out and confused. Once we investigated how my hidden internal conflicts were sabotaging my relationships, I was able to turn my life around. My professional passion also returned due to Doris’ well-tested tools to delete relationship pain.”
S. Johnson, Johnson Mediation Services

“Just what I needed. Straight talk about matters of the heart! With Doris’ help, our relationship blocks tumbled away!”
Marie & Jason Cathcart, Tampa, Florida

“Doris will expertly guide you to that place of inner knowing that lies within you, softly coaxing the jewel from the stone. This will cause you to blossom into Your Authentic Self. This is the beautiful self, who God always intended you to be.
Rev. Cheryl Walters.

“With her amazing compassion, intuition and caring, Doris helped me transform the painful parts of my life into the Source of my current happiness and loving relationships. With Doris’ assistance, I became the person I was destined to become. After years of feeling like a victim of my past, I’m now a fully empowered woman. Now I love all parts of me. I’m so strong and self-assured that negative people can no longer knock me off center. Thank you, Doris!”
Michelle Easton, City of Boston Public Works Department
“After working with Dr. Doris, I now come home to the love of my life instead of to an empty house. How sweet it is!”
Megan Olsen, Anderson and Morgan, Chicago

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